Sherwood Chapman – CEO
Bruce Lefco – President
Daryl Franken – VP of Development
Karen Bunkley – VP of Design
Kent LeFebre – VP of Business Development
Kevin Kupitz – VP of Sales
Rasesh Joshi – Lead Architect

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Sherwood Chapman is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Invidasys, Inc., and serves on the Board of Directors. An accomplished senior executive, Sherwood has domestic and international experience in operations, strategic planning, product development, and sales. He has more than 28 years experience in the healthcare information and technology industries. Prior to Invidasys, Sherwood was Co-founder of QCSI and it was acquired by TriZetto in 2006.

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Bruce Lefco has over thirty years of experience in the health care payer and technology sectors. He has proven experience in senior leadership and health care mergers and acquisitions, working with numerous health care systems, and health care plans. Bruce was co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chairman of Health Payment Systems (HPS), a technology company specializing in health care revenue-cycle management. Prior to founding HPS, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of HealthEOS by Multiplan, Inc., and was involved in a number of acquisitions and creation of key strategic partnerships. HealthEOS became Wisconsin’s largest PPO during his tenure, serving over one million Wisconsin members. From an industry perspective, Bruce has also served on numerous boards, and as an advisor to health care sector organizations.

Vice President of Development
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Daryl Franken joined Invidasys in 2013 to be able to take part in developing with the next generation of software. He enjoys the creating new programs to help businesses grow in the industry. He has been in the healthcare industry for 16 years and has been involved in international distribution software for nine years.

Vice President of Design
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Karen Bunkley joined Invidasys in 2010 because she wanted to design software interactively with customers and to have the freedom of working on dissimilar projects in different roles. What she loves about Invidasys is the company atmosphere and the learning experience in different software areas. She enjoys keeping herself busy working on diverse projects. Karen earned a B.A. in Computer Science and is adept with SQL and Microsoft VS.

Vice President of Business Development
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Kent LeFebre, with Sherwood Chapman, formed Invidasys in 2009. Kent has over 25 years of domestic and international experience in various industries with leadership roles in operations, sales and strategic marketing, and business development.

Vice President of Sales
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Kevin Kupitz has over 35 years of IT and sales experience in various industries – with a proven track record of weaving winning technology strategies into everyday business. Prior to Invidasys, Kevin was the Chief Technology Officer for Burgess Group, LLC, where he led the acquisition efforts and oversaw the development of new technologies as well as the adaptation of existing technologies. Beforehand, Kevin was the Strategic Account Executive at The TriZetto Group where he managed client relationships and developed long term technology solutions that assisted clients in achieving their business goals.

Lead Architect
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Rasesh Joshi (RJ) joined Invidasys in 2011 because he wanted to have the ability to make a difference by being able to provide quality solutions. Also, he wanted to provide input to build a product from the ground up and be part of a team working towards a common goal of building a successful company. What he enjoys about Invidasys is the latitude to make decisions and that the company is relatively a flat organization. RJ is an experienced software engineer with deep knowledge of the Microsoft technology stack. Also, he is a seasoned object oriented developer/designer and is experienced with complex software integrations.