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A cloud-based claim management and adjudication solution for commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, and Public Exchange markets, VIDAClaim™ reduces cost of technology ownership and allows for rapid implementations.

With the ever-changing health care industry, healthcare organizations need to be more agile in addressing their information management needs. The cost of technology ownership can be a huge obstacle to comply and keep up with the changing market needs. Moreover, the evolving regulations and their implications are being tied to the organization’s revenue and profitability more than before. VIDAClaim™ is a flexible and cost-effective claim management solution for the market emerging needs, leveraging the cloud technology.



  • Enables organizations to tune the adjudication process to their specific needs
  • Increases payment accuracy and provider satisfaction by streamlining claims processing
  • Allows rapid configuration of complex rules, benefits and contracts
  • Reduces cost of ownership by leveraging Cloud technology, allowing for more rapid implementations



  • Boosts first-pass clean claim rate and auto-adjudication
  • Utilizes an advanced claim validation and provider-member matching
  • Determines claim disposition with manual pricing capability
  • Verifies current claims against paid claims to prevent duplicate payments
  • Enables users to edit claims in real-time and during EDI process
  • Allows developing of custom rules and user-defined filters
  • Enables end users to define custom workflow queues
  • Integrates seamlessly with third-party and client-developed software composites

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