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Contract Management

A cloud-based provider and facility contract management solution, VIDAContract™ is highly flexible and configurable to the specific needs of the organization.

Emerging new business models like ACOs and value-based reimbursement and ever-increasing provider network consolidations require more flexible approach for contract management to ensure proper pricing and payments. VIDAContract™ simplifies managing contracts for health care payers to overcome the increasing complexities.



  • Increases productivity by simplifying and streamlining contract management
  • Improves organization’s performance through accurate pricing and payments



  • Allows to add single or multiple coverage groups to a contract and assign a fee schedule to a coverage
  • Handles all types of payment methods to calculate payments, including per diem, variable per diem, case rate, flat rate and Fee for Service
  • Identifies contracts as Participating (PAR) or Non-Participating (Non-PAR)
  • Assigns PAR and Non-PAR contracts per a Line of Business (LOB)
  • Enables to configure authorization requirements, assign rates to a fee schedule and define effective and termination dates at the contract coverage level
  • Allows to configure bill types at the contract-coverage level and confirm billed charges that apply
  • Ability to flag a contract coverage to pend a claim for manual review
  • Permits to define the place of service at the contract-coverage level and apply timely filing days per State or Federal requirements

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