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A cloud-based provider and network data management solution, VIDAPro™ manages complex provider relationships, networks, facilities and contracts with a flexible and scalable approach.

Healthcare organizations are faced with an ever-changing and demanding regulatory environment that requires constant compliance updates and consistent processing. In addition, there are a growing number of complex associations between providers, doctors, groups, hospitals and insured members. Managing the accuracy and consistency of provider information, along with the provider information as it relates to each association or relationship, has become very challenging. VIDAPro™ is the solution for these emerging problems.



  • Provides scalability and flexibility to create unlimited relationships between networks, providers, service locations and line of business/li>
  • Enhances productivity through access to a real-time single database of providers information and complex associations/li>



  • Utilizes a unique three tier system to create and manage complex relationships
  • Allows viewing of information that is relevant for a particular provider type, e.g. facility vs. physician through its provider-type centric user interface
  • Tracks and manages historical information
  • Allows for more flexibility in setting up user interface
  • Offers unlimited associations for payments, service locations, coverage, primary care physician assignments and specialties
  • Enables to link to multiple credentialing solutions and other core healthcare systems
  • VIDAContract™ integration
    • To assign contracts to providers
    • To selectively assign additional percentages to contracts
  • Provides access to real-time information

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