Invidasys Delivers Market’s First Cloud-Based Claims Adjudication Platform

by: Stephen Piazza on December 1, 2015

Family Health Network leverages software to streamline core processing

MESA, Ariz. – December 1, 2015 – Invidasys, Inc., a software engineering firm that develops component solutions for health insurance plans, announced today it is first in the market to offer a fully cloud-based set of solutions for claims adjudication using Microsoft’s platform, Azure. Family Health Network (FHN), a group of not-for-profit health plans governed by local medical providers, went live with the software, VIDASuite TM, on November 3.

VIDASuite TM solutions offer a cost-efficient approach for FHN to add flexible and scalable functional capabilities to its administrative system and efficiently integrate new capabilities in a rapid deployment window. By utilizing Microsoft Azure, a global, enterprise-grade cloud platform, and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), VIDASuite TM is component-based, core system agnostic and easily interactive with multiple third-party and client-developed applications. With laser-focused, incremental delivery goals, together with FHN, the Invidasys roll-out was completed in less than six months, all with minimal disruption to its existing core system.

“The modular Invidasys platform provides all the benefits of a single core administrative platform without the heavy overhead and annual upgrade cycles,” said Keith Kudla, CEO, Family Health Network. “Rapid cloud-based delivery of new core and custom capabilities means we can focus on business and regulatory requirements without worrying about application scaling and deployment.”

FHN and Invidasys worked together and initially deployed component solutions VIDACounter TM, VIDABility TM and VIDAPro TM. Once all three were brought online, additional components, including VIDAPlan TM, VIDAClaim TM, VIDAServ TM and VIDAContract TM were recently added to FHN’s existing VIDASuite TM platform.

“We are grateful to FHN for its confidence in realizing Invidasys’ vision for delivering software in a timelier, customer-friendly and manageable component basis,” said Sherwood Chapman, chairman and chief executive officer, Invidasys. “Rather than a high-risk, 18-24 month implementation cycle, we successfully rolled out six separate, multiple component, go-live events over the course of the past 24 months. We avoided the high-risk, ‘big bang’ approach to delivering all-or-nothing platforms; instead, we implemented a series of solutions that evolve with FHN as its business expands and adjusts to the ever-changing healthcare regulatory landscape.”

All of Invidasys’ software is developed in the United States, and is built on proprietary workflow platform (VIDAFlow TM), which enables the seamless integration of the stand-alone components available in the VIDASuite TM. The majority of the component software is code-generated, enabling a swifter, reliable software development environment.

About Invidasys:
Invidasys, an Arizona-based software engineering firm, delivers agile software components and services for health insurance plans that are primarily focused on Medicare, Medicaid, and Health Insurance Exchange product offerings, and subject to strict government compliance. Invidasys identifies specific administrative pain points of health insurance plans, offering strategic solutions to assist organizations maximize the value of their IT investment. For more information about Invidasys, please visit or call 480-792-1950.

About Family Health Network:
For 20 years, Family Health Network (FHN), a provider-sponsor HMO, has filled an important void in providing care for those who are most vulnerable. As a not-for-profit and the largest managed care plan in the region under the Medicaid Family Health Plan (FHP) and the Affordable Care Act, FHN is redefining managed care for people on Medicaid, especially high-risk members. For more information, visit