FlexTech and Invidasys Develop New Partnership

by: Heather Crawley on April 9, 2015

FlexTech, a leading healthcare consulting and services company for over 25 years, announced its newest partnership with Invidasys, a software engineering firm that develops component solutions for health insurance plans and providers.  Through the partnership, FlexTech will provide; technical consulting, implementation, …Read More

Tracking Claim Submissions with Invidasys

by: Stephen Piazza on January 28, 2015

The Invidasys VIDACounter™ HIT solution takes the headaches out of tracking claim submissions. Our cloud-based platform simplifies the claims submission process for healthcare organizations. With VIDACounter™ disparate claim files are received and normalized. Our solution applies appropriate edit rules for …Read More

Healthcare IT Agility and the Cloud

by: Stephen Piazza on December 26, 2014

As more and more providers move to the cloud, the search for healthcare IT firms increases. However, which is the best – small firms or the large, corporate firms? Small firms such as Invidasys can offer more agility and faster …Read More