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Benefit Plan Management

Cloud-based benefit plan administration solution for commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, and Public Exchange markets that enables organizations to rapidly adopt new and emerging benefit models.

As the types of benefit packages being offered to insured members continues to expand, it becomes increasingly important to have the ability to rapidly deploy new benefit options and quickly mix and match benefits from a variety of sources to create custom benefit packages. VIDAPlan™ provides you with such a flexibility.



  • Simplifies and improves benefit plan administration by flexible design and access to real-time data
  • Streamlines maintenance of benefits and packages utilizing several built-in and time-saving business best practices
  • Allows the organization to quickly respond to market demand and create competitive benefit plans
  • Enables the organization to adopt emerging plan models and create innovative packages



  • Allows to create and manage multiple benefits and the associated grouping of benefits (a package)
  • Provides flexible plan associations, e.g. packages can be associated with individual members or with groups of members
  • Permits multiple packages to be assigned to a member concurrently when integrated to other VIDASuite™ modules
  • Allows benefits to be assigned to multiple packages
  • Enables users to define benefit priority to ensure that the system handles overlapping benefits in accordance with the insurers’ guidelines
  • Allows user-defined code groupings within the code sets
  • Permits unlimited user-defined accumulation periods
  • Designed to allow for real-time interaction with claim processing system to provide benefit-determination services
  • Allows the ‘stacking’ of accruals and limits to a single benefit to ensure accurate and timely capture of limits; even when the limits are from different buckets (i.e. annual versus lifetime)

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