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Customer Service Management

Cloud-based customer service management solution for recording and managing membership and provider calls via flexible and customizable workflows that seamlessly integrate with the administrative system.

Today’s health care organizations are under significant pressure to improve their operational efficiency and productivity, and decrease costs while enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.  To resolve these, more organizations are turning towards innovative technologies and automated processes to infuse business best practices to their operation and surpass competition. VIDAServ™ is a modular customer service system that records and manages membership and provider calls via flexible and customizable workflows.



  • Boosts responsiveness in addressing member and provider inquiries
  • Augments the administrative process by seamless integration of customer service workflow
  • Improves member and provider experience by quick inquiry resolution
  • Increases productivity via utilizing efficient workflow and quick access to real-time data for decision making



  • Tracks if a call request is Inbound (received) or Outbound (placed)
  • Records and manages membership and provider calls
  • Keeps detailed historical data for the services provided
  • Allows for multiple requests in one call
  • Enables to track reasons and times for members’ call
  • Allows to automatically close and change the call log status to “closed” upon call purpose resolution
  • Configures automated workflows for calls that need to be reviewed based on type of call and purpose
  • Provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to add notes and timestamps any note additions

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