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Encounter Management

Cloud-based encounter data management solution for Medicare, Medicaid, and Public Exchange encounter processing that creates HIPAA compliant files ready for submission with over 95% first pass clean rate.

Managing the accuracy and timeliness of encounter submissions is paramount to health plans’ revenue, profitability and compliance. To make this process proactive, automated, accurate, and easy to track, Invidasys has created VIDACounter™.

VIDACounter™ is a plug-and-play cloud-based encounter data management solution that solves the problem of claims’ bad data through its proprietary complex rules which scrub and clean data, extract and populate the missing data and create a HIPAA compliant file ready for submission. The solution automatically validates each encounter prior to submission which greatly reduces the likelihood of rejections. This helps health plans to avoid paying penalties for late and inaccurate encounter submissions.


Standard Features

  • Applies CMS or state specific rules/edits
  • Encounter duplication detection
  • Standard encounter claim database for analysis and reporting
  • SNIP level I & II
  • User-interface (UI) for XML editing
  • UI for standard queue editing
  • Void and adjustment processing


Optional Features & Services

  • Client defined reports
  • Configuration of client specific rules sets
  • Custom data conversions
  • Custom workflows and queues
  • Historical data loads
  • Encounter business process management
  • Engagement management

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