Agile Development Process

“The reality of our industry is that software is never done. Software should continue to evolve at the speed of business change. Software needs to keep up with the business. It must be an accelerant not an impediment.”

Sherwood Chapman, Chief Executive Officer

The software development process is agile and need-specific. Our HIPAA and HITECH-compliant systems are constantly evolving and improving.

Our multi-lingual VIDASuite™ components easily interact with third-party applications to ensure a quick resolution to your current pain-points.

With Invidasys agile development process, the testing cycles are shorter, offering frequent updates to our software. We rapidly evolve with our customer needs.

Invidasys VIDASuite™ cloud-based components work with all types of enterprise platforms to eliminate the expensive, time-consuming process associated with replacing or augmenting existing system(s).

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