The Invidasys team is driven and motivated to develop the software solutions that clearly position Invidasys as an industry leader, pioneering a new approach to healthcare IT.

Sherwood Chapman

Sherwood Chapman

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Sherwood Chapman is the founder and CEO of Invidasys and serves as Chairman on the Board of Directors. An accomplished senior executive, Chapman has domestic and international experience in operations, strategic planning, product development, and sales. He has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare information and technology industries. Prior to Invidasys, Chapman was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of QCSI and later Senior Vice President of Core Platform Development of the TriZetto Group after it acquired QCSI in 2006.


Stephen Piazza

Chief Technology Officer

Stephen Piazza is a veteran of the healthcare technology industry, with experience serving leading software companies, ranging from start-ups to large organizations. As a technology innovator, Stephen has provided leadership, strategy and creativity in developing cutting edge e-business software technology, particularly given the rapid acceleration and evolution of data interchange in healthcare. Stephen serves at the Chief Technology Officer of Invidasys, and is responsible for the technical and architectural direction of all company products. Stephen is also an active member on the Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA) Board of Directors. Prior to joining the Invidasys team, he also served as VP, Engineering of Healthation, Inc.,and Senior Director, Engineering for the TriZetto Group, Inc. Stephen has been responsible for the software architectures, development team,documentation and implementation support for HIPAA 5010/4010 transaction processing software for InfoMC and QCSI. Stephen challenges the norm, while creating elegant solutions that address complex issues, from a market-driven approach.

Kent Lefebre

Kent LeFebre

Co-Founder & Vice President of Product Development

Kent LeFebre, along with Sherwood Chapman, co-founded Invidasys in 2009. LeFebre has over 25 years of domestic and international experience in various industries with leadership roles in operations, sales and strategic marketing, product development, and business development. Prior to Invidasys, LeFebre held leadership positions within the manufacturing sector, leading manufacturing operations, and commercial management for satellite manufacturing sites.

Karen Bunkley

Karen Bunkley

Vice President of Design

Karen Bunkley has more than 19 years of experience designing and developing successful software solutions within the healthcare payer industry. Bunkley utilizes her broad array of communication, managerial, and analytical skills in bringing market-leading software solutions to fruition. Bunkley joined Invidasys in 2010 after nearly 15 years in technology-related leadership positions at QCSI, continuing with TriZetto as the Manager of Functional Design after the acquisition of QCSI.

Daryl Fraken

Daryl Franken

Vice President of Development

Daryl Franken joined Invidasys in 2013 and leads the Software Development Group. Franken brings more than 16 years of experience developing visionary software systems for the healthcare industry. He has proven success in working with clients to developing effective software solutions. Prior to joining Invidasys, Franken had been with QCSI and, along with Sherwood Chapman, was responsible as one of the principal architects of the QNXT platform, for performance testing and implementation of new architecture. In addition, Franken has nine years of experience managing the implementation of custom solutions in the international distribution software space.


Hossein Abdollahi

Director of Program Management Office

Hossein is a performance-driven senior operations executive with 28 years of comprehensive achievements across the Payer Healthcare, financial/capital markets industries, Business Process Outsourcing services, and Semiconductor Manufacturing. Hossein is a Hands-on leader in all major operational areas managing multi-unit national and international divisions of Fortune 500 companies.
Hossein has successfully led implementations of large scale projects for the leading national healthcare systems. Prior to joining Invidasys, Hossein functioned as the Sr. Vice President of professional service and head of North America operations centers for Mphasis Corporation.
Hossein has also functioned as a Sr. operations leader at First Data Corporation, First Consulting Group, TriZetto Group, Blue Shield of California, and Ipec Semiconductor.

INV015 Headshots A-Rasesh Joshi-1

Rasesh Joshi

Lead Architect

Rasesh Joshi (RJ) joined Invidasys in 2011 with more than 15 years of experience in architecture, design and agile development, and over 13 years of healthcare domain experience. His technical expertise includes building large-scale enterprise software systems using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), REST, Cloud Computing and Web Services. Joshi’s responsibilities have included managing large software teams as Director of Engineering to individual contributor building the next gen product for companies. In addition to building enterprise software systems, Joshi has worked in startup software companies, including social media startups, providing him exposure to a wide spectrum of technology platforms and challenges.

Hal Jolley

Hal Jolley

Chief Financial Officer

Hal Jolley has spent the majority of his 20+ year business career serving small and medium size businesses in corporate finance as a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, and President. Jolley has managed the accounting and finance functions, including budgeting, forecasting, balance sheet, liquidity management, and both internal and external financial reporting for several corporations. Prior to joining Invidasys in June 2013, Jolley worked as a C.P.A. for Deloitte & Touche and Grant, Millman & Johnson.

Alan Heikkala

Alan Heikkala

Director of Human Capital Management

As Director of Human Capital Management at Invidasys, Alan Heikkala is responsible for driving the people strategy of the business by continuously improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and skills of the Invidasys staff. Acting as a business partner and change agent working with executive management, Heikkala helps drive a performance-based culture of managed growth. Prior to joining Invidasys in April 2013, Heikkala was a Vice President of Human Resources at Trizetto / QCSI and was a member of the merger and acquisition due diligence team. As a Regional HR Officer at William M. Mercer, Inc., he was instrumental in improving the growth and profitability of both the Midwest and West regions of the firm. Heikkala holds a BS from Arizona State University and an MBA from Pepperdine University.