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Discover our team of leaders who make it happen every day at Invidasys.

Meet the Members of Our Team

The Invidasys team is driven and motivated to develop the software solutions that clearly position Invidasys as an industry leader, pioneering a new approach to healthcare IT.

Sherwood Chapman

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Piazza

Chief Technology Officer

Hal Jolley

Chief Financial Officer

Alan Heikkala

Director of Human Capital Management

Heather Crawley

Director of Product Management

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About Invidasys, Inc.

Established in 2009, Invidasys is the brainchild of seasoned healthcare and IT experts committed to transforming the health insurance plan sector. Headquartered in Arizona, our agile cloud technology-based health information management solutions cater primarily to Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurance exchange products. Adhering to stringent government compliance standards, our software engineering firm identifies and addresses specific administrative pain points. Through the VIDASuite™ family of software components, we empower health insurance plans and providers to maximize their IT investments strategically.

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