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Streamline Encounter Data Management for Seamless Compliance With the VIDACounter™

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, health plans face the constant challenge of adapting to new technologies efficiently. Invidasys presents VIDACounter™, a revolutionary cloud-based encounter data management solution designed for health plans navigating the complexities of Medicare encounter data, Medicaid, TRICARE, and Public Exchange encounter processing. This cutting-edge platform ensures compliant files are ready for submission with an impressive first-pass clean rate of over 95%.

We understand the urgency health plans face in implementing new solutions to stay competitive. VIDACounter™ serves as a plug-and-play solution, providing health plans with the capability to integrate encounter data into their existing infrastructure rapidly. This swift implementation accelerates the transition to efficient encounter claim processing without the need for extensive system overhauls.

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Benefits of VIDACounter™

Managing the accuracy and timeliness of encounter claims is paramount to health plans’ revenue, profitability and compliance. To make this process proactive, automated, accurate, and easy to track, Invidasys has created VIDACounter™. Check out the following benefits and advantages:

  • VIDACounter™ creates HIPAA-compliant encounter submissions for State Medicaid Plans and CMS.

  • The suite automatically validates each encounter before submission through business workflows, significantly reducing instances of rejected submissions.

  • The platform can process multiple EDI encounter file types.

  • VIDACounter™ enables loading third-party encounters to efficiently manage all encounter data within a unified system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Encounter Data Management Solutions

HIPAA compliance is vital in VIDACounter™ to ensure the secure processing of encounter data. By adhering to HIPAA standards, VIDACounter™ safeguards patient information, maintaining privacy and data integrity during the encounter data management process.

VIDACounter™ employs automatic validation, systematically reviewing each encounter through business workflows. This meticulous validation significantly reduces errors and instances of rejected submissions, enhancing the overall accuracy of encounter data processed within the system.

Absolutely. VIDACounter™ is designed to process multiple EDI encounter file types. Moreover, it offers configurability, allowing users to set the component for flat files or proprietary formats based on their specific business requirements.

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