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Invidasys introduces VIDAPass™, a cloud-based EDI Gateway software designed exclusively for healthcare payers. This transformative platform addresses the administrative challenges faced by health plans and payers in processing EDI files, offering a comprehensive solution for receiving, cleaning, and submitting HIPAA-compliant files. VIDAPass™ stands as a robust answer to the burdens associated with EDI file processing, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and a streamlined claims processing workflow.

The EDI File Processing Challenge

One of the significant administrative burdens for health plans and payers is the processing of EDI files. From membership and claims to claim responses and provider directories, the multitude of required EDI files can overwhelm traditional systems. VIDAPass™ is purpose-built to resolve this challenge by serving as a versatile cloud-based EDI Gateway solution.

Comprehensive EDI File Management

VIDAPass™ serves as a central hub capable of receiving and submitting all types of EDI files. This encompasses Membership, Claims, and Claim responses. This platform is truly a payers solution software that can seamlessly manage the entire spectrum of EDI transactions within a unified system, eliminating the need for multiple disparate solutions.

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Benefits of VIDAPass™

Reap all the following benefits by partnering with Invidsys for our industry-leading claim scrubbing solution technology:

  • VIDAPass™ significantly reduces the percentage of human error, improving the number of clean claims submitted.

  • The platform effectively reduces the administrative costs linked to claims and encounter processing.

  • VIDAPass™ enhances the efficiency and productivity of the adjudication process by elevating the first-pass clean claim rate and employing auto-corrections.

  • The speed of claim processing is notably increased with VIDAPass™ in operation.

  • Users benefit from an interface that provides clear visibility and management of the EDI files.

Frequently Asked Questions About Claim Scrubbing in the Healthcare Industry

Claim scrubbing is crucial as it systematically reviews and validates claims before processing in the claim adjudication system. This proactive process enhances billing accuracy, accelerates claims processing, and ensures compliance with regulatory standards.

Claim scrubbing reduces the likelihood of claim errors, minimizing the need for manual interventions. VIDAPass™ enhances operational efficiency and lowers administrative costs by streamlining the billing and claims processing workflow, ultimately reducing costs.

Yes, claim scrubbing significantly improves the speed of claims processing. VIDAPass™ minimizes the chances of rejections, ensuring a faster and more streamlined claims adjudication process within healthcare organizations.

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