The key to success in the healthcare sector today relies on the use of the latest information technology, the flexibility of business processes, and the support of IT infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with other systems.

The Invidasys VIDASuite™ agile software solutions utilize individual component applications, built on a secure framework, to deliver business critical software services. The VIDASuite™ software components harness the power of Microsoft Technology, Cloud Technology, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the Invidasys proprietary Framework, the Internet, and a multitude of Healthcare industry experience to deliver the most robust, powerful, and intuitive payer and provider software solutions available.

Invidasys VIDASuite™ cloud-based components work with all types of enterprise platforms to eliminate the expensive, time-consuming process associated with replacing or augmenting existing system(s). The Invidasys open approach to integrated software helps measure, track, and improve critical business processes and application delivery. Clients can assemble and reassemble these open, standards-based services to extend and improve integration among existing applications, support collaboration, build new capabilities, and drive innovation at every point in the value chain.


Cloud Management

With VIDACloud™, the latest versions of our VIDASuite™ components are always accessible over the web. There is no need for additional hardware investment or expensive updates to your Invidasys platform. It is all accessible in the cloud.


Workflow Management

Put your data where you need it with VIDAFlow™. VIDAFlow™ technology enables you to manage by exception. Place your information in workable queues to find what you want, where you want it, when you want it. Route work items to the appropriate team member.


Security Framework

VIDAFramework™ provides a unified security framework and the ability to access data from anywhere via a code-generated RESTful framework for data access.


Reference Data Management

There are many data requirements in health plans that require access to a standardized code sets that are updated on a timely basis and distributed to other components as needed. VIDAReference™ allows to store shared data in a single repository and to publish that data to whatever components require access to shared information such as CPT codes or ICD-9/ICD-10 codes.

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