VIDAPro™: Enhancing Healthcare Provider Management

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Enhance Provider Data Management in Healthcare With VIDAPro™

Organizations face an ever-changing and demanding regulatory environment that requires consistent processing and constant updates of compliance in healthcare. That’s where our VIDAPro™ suite comes into play.

Invidasys’ VIDAPro™ is not just a solution; it’s a revolution in health plan management. With its scalable and flexible approach, real-time insights, and unparalleled advantages, VIDAPro™ is at the forefront of empowering health plans to navigate the complexities of the modern healthcare landscape. Embrace the future of health plan management with VIDAPro™—where innovation meets efficiency.

Unleashing Scalability and Flexibility in Healthcare Provider Network Management

VIDAPro™ is the answer to the demand for scalable and flexible solutions in health plan management. Our platform empowers health plans to create unlimited relationships between networks, providers, service locations, and lines of business. Whether you are navigating complex provider networks or managing diverse facilities and contracts, VIDAPro™ provides the agility needed for the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Increasing Productivity with Real-time Insights

In the world of health plan management, having access to real-time data is indispensable. VIDAPro™ offers a centralized, single database of provider information with complex associations, boosting productivity for health plans. With real-time insights, health plans can make informed decisions, streamline operations, and respond swiftly to market changes.

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VIDAPro’s™ Healthcare Provider Management Benefits

Reap the following benefits with this industry-leading healthcare provider management software:

  • VIDAPro™ employs hierarchy relationships for creating and managing intricate relations across various lines of business.

  • Through its provider-type centric user interface, VIDAPro™ enables users to view information relevant to a specific provider type, such as facility or physician.

  • VIDAPro™ prevents the duplication of provider data by employing a unique review process that considers NPI, Tax ID, and other critical provider data points to ensure data accuracy.

  • Access to accurate real-time information to help engage providers to improve their performance and patient outcomes in value-based care models.

  • VIDAPro™ comes equipped with a built-in API call-out and database reference from NPPES, providing the capability to verify provider status and update any missing provider data points.

  • Users can leverage VIDAPro’s™ functionality for user-defined mass external provider data uploads, including real-time visibility into the data, corrections or rejections during the process, and the application of user-defined business rules to manage workflows.

  • VIDAPro™ facilitates user visibility throughout the external provider data upload process, allowing real-time user data corrections or rejections.

Frequently Asked Question About Healthcare Provider Management

When seeking an efficient healthcare provider management solution, prioritize features such as a robust data management system, real-time accessibility, and the ability to prevent duplicate entries. The VIDAPro’s™ features contribute to streamline processes, accurate data management, and overall operational efficiency.

Effective healthcare provider management solutions offer customization features to cater to the unique requirements of various provider types. The VIDAPro™ has specialized interfaces for different provider categories, ensuring the solution can adapt to the diverse needs and workflows within a healthcare network.

Leading healthcare provider management solutions implement thorough data accuracy measures, including comprehensive duplication review processes. These processes typically involve scrutinizing essential data points, such as NPI and Tax ID, to avoid the occurrence of duplicate entries. With VIDAPro™, you can integrate with external databases for real-time verification of provider status, ensuring the accuracy of the information maintained within the system.

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